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WELCOME TO DEEP CREEK LAKE!!  If you are building a new home, renovating, or just want to update a furnished property, we can help.  From all new to use what you have we can make any home look spectacular.  You don't have to spend a lot to get a new look or a designer look. Let us help you!

New Construction.   We can help you furnish an entire house or just one room. We work with you and your builder on timing, delivery, and anything else needed. 

Furnished Purchase/Rental.  If you have recently purchased a property and want to update the interior just give us a call. From paint to improvements to decor and furniture we can help. And we work with all budgets and styles.

Rental Income Increases.  If you own a rental property and need to increase your rental income we can help. By making simple, low cost updates, changing decor, you can get more for your rental. And it will probably rent more often and have more repeat clients. We work with rental companies and with owners to improve properties for increased cash flow. Let us take that 1980s look and make it current. 

Construction Plan Reviews.  We can work with you and your builder to help you design your home, your addition, or renovation. By reviewing plans we catch items that are often over looked by builders. We think of electrical outlets, cable, spacing, furniture placement, use and functionality and work with you to ensure that your home has all of the features you want and need for comfortable living. We have caught HUGE mistakes that have saved owners thousands of dollars in rework and construction delays. 

Initial Home Design.  We can work with you to create your initial home design and rough plans that you can then use to identify and interview builders. Our plans show the layout of the rooms, room sizes, and other features of the home. These can easily be turned into electrical and other plans.

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